Data Quality
Health Check

Is your data fit for marketing?


Fitness for Use

How marketable is your data?

Budget and effort could be being wasted if your data quality in those channels isn’t up to scratch. If you understood your data quality better, what might it change for you? Do you really know if your data is fit for marketing, or do you make certain assumptions?

What You Get

Metrics based on all of your data, rather than a subset:

  • An overall score for your data quality health check
  • A ‘marketability’ score for each customer channel
  • A report containing data quality insights and key metrics specific to your business
  • Recommendations for your next steps towards data quality utopia

Your Customers

Of the customer records you have:

How many hold email addresses?

What percentage hold valid email IDs??

How many customers hold a postal address?

How many hold a telephone number?

What percentage hold a valid telephone number?

How many have opted-out of telephone contact?

How many customers hold a postal address?

What percentage have valid addresses, missing data, or invalid postcodes?

How how many have unsubscribed from direct mail?


A range of services to better support your marketing efforts

  • Data unification discovery analysis
  • Customer lifetime analytics
  • Recency, frequency and value analytics
  • Customer churn and re-activation impact analysis
  • VIP customer analysis
  • Cohort analysis
Want to know more?
These are just some of the things that we might be able to tell you about your data. Ask us to learn more.