Data Unification
Discovery Analysis

Base marketing decisions on all of your data, not just some of it.


Your Customers

Get the real picture

The quality of your customer communications starts with the quality of your data. Unifying your data silos will not only save you valuable time, it will refine your metrics and ensure you aren’t doubling up when reporting them.

What You Get

Metrics based on all of your data, rather than a subset:

  • An overall score for your data quality health check
  • A ‘marketability’ score for data held in each customer channel
  • A report containing data quality insights and key metrics specific to your business, based on all your data
  • Recommendations for your next steps towards data quality utopia

What If?

We can help you find out

What if some of your customer segments made more returns than you thought?

Could you build a business case for improvement?

What if you have a significant cohort that signed-up, but never went on to purchase?

What if you learnt about the customer overlap between the multiple brands that you manage?

What if a surprising percentage of your customers are overseas?

What if you learn you have far fewer, or more, customers than you thought?


A range of services to better support your marketing efforts

  • Data unification discovery analysis
  • Customer lifetime analytics
  • Recency, frequency and value analytics
  • Customer churn and re-activation impact analysis
  • VIP customer analysis
  • Cohort analysis
Want to know more?
These are just some of the things that we might be able to tell you about your data. Ask us to learn more.