Your money, your customer. We’ll teach you how to save them both year after year after year.

In the competitive world of holiday marketing, working with affiliates and aggregators is a great way to capture the attention of holidaymakers and secure bookings.

But once you’ve secured that booking via your third-party relationship, how do you then get your referred bookers to come to you directly, rather than go back to the referral sites?

Hive Marketing Cloud can identify customers that have booked through referral sites by analysing your booking data. They can also see how many times they’ve gone back to those sites over using your direct booking process. Once these customers have been identified, they can be categorised into ‘First Time’ and ‘Persistent’ referred bookers.

Now that you have an audience to work with, you can begin to guide your customers towards your own booking platform with targeted messages explaining the benefits of booking directly with you.

Eliminate the need for paying online travel agencies and other third parties on an ongoing basis by prioritising messages that highlight the value of dealing with your company.

Go to your customers before they think of going elsewhere for your product…and make you pay for it! With Hive’s help, you can build a strong and loyal database of bookers who will always choose your company first while helping you keep your costs down.