Control your product inventory and focus those last-minute promotions

You’ve got a clear idea of your target audience and your right-time marketing strategy, but are you clear on which products you have in your arsenal that need your marketing attention?

​While marketing new holiday deals can be relatively clear cut, not being able to easily identify distressed inventory, unsold seats or overlooked destinations can make maximising promotion of these products and services difficult.

The Hive Marketing Cloud provides tailored inventory reports of your data showing detailed occupancy rates for future periods, allowing you to create a new game plan.

Hive’s reporting allows you to look ahead at potential gaps in your strategy, allowing you to synchronise your last-minute marketing activities with indicative availability.

Be the master of forward planning using Hive’s visualisation tools to turn your booking data into clear, actionable insights. Focus campaigns and tactical strategies in the right direction to maximise promotion, conversion and revenue.


High-level capabilities of Hive

Customer Data Platform

A unified profile for each customer that includes all known information

Multi-Channel Engagement

Listen and respond wherever the conversation takes you

Data Intelligence

We fetch and categorise your data so you don't have to

Audience Management

Define audiences according to all of a customer's engagement data

Customer Journey Automation

Join up your messages into a goal-orientated journey

Visual Analytics

Graphical tools to build better outcomes and understanding


Featured solutions to challenges in your sector

Case Study
Over a third of all bookings for Lake District Hotels now occur within a week of receiving targeted marketing - accounting for almost half of the overall revenue.