Replacing BlueVenn? Find out why we're the best alternative.
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Replacing BlueVenn? Find out why we're the best alternative.

Your best offer, when the customer wants it.

You already know when your customers like to travel, but do you know how far ahead they like to plan and book? We call this crucial window of opportunity the customer’s personal booking horizon.

Using your booking data, Hive calculates each customer’s personal booking horizon. This allows you to match your seasonal promotions with your customer’s search and plan window, increasing the potential of a booking.

Whether your target audience is a family of four who likes to plan months in advance or a retired couple who prefer to book last-minute, Hive allows you to send the right message to the right people at the right time.


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Case Study
By reactivating lapsed renters, Quality Cottages increased their overall bookings by 12% in the first year alone


High-level capabilities of Hive

Customer Data Platform

A unified profile for each customer that includes all known information

Multi-Channel Engagement

Listen and respond wherever the conversation takes you

Data Intelligence

We fetch and categorise your data so you don't have to

Audience Management

Define audiences using all the data at your disposal

Customer Journey Automation

Instantly engage and track customer journeys in any channel

Visual Analytics

Graphical tools to build better outcomes
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