Replacing BlueVenn? Find out why we're the best alternative.
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Replacing BlueVenn? Find out why we're the best alternative.
Design targeted selection criteria informed with latest purchase, engagement and preference data, to create optimal audiences for each communication


Key features of our Audience Management


Simple selection

Easily select customers most receptive to your marketing messages:

  • Analyse your data to create detailed audience selection criteria once and re-use in multiple journeys
  • React to market events with adhoc saved static lists
  • Apply user permissions to protect core segments used in multiple journeys

Smart suppression

Remain fully compliant with suppression criteria specific to the channel:

  • Use brand preference data to exclude opt-outs from each channel message
  • Exclude previous recipients based on time or frequency of message

Timely triggers

Kick-start a new journey or keep a customer engaged with triggered events:

  • Respond quickly to customer events with entry into a new relevant journey
  • Create tailored signals to watch for common online actions such as purchase, page visit and abandon basket
  • Set triggers for offline interactions including telephone, SMS and direct mail


High-level capabilities of Hive

Customer Data Platform

A unified profile for each customer that includes all known information

Multi-Channel Engagement

Listen and respond wherever the conversation takes you

Data Intelligence

We fetch and categorise your data so you don't have to

Audience Management

Define audiences using all the data at your disposal

Customer Journey Automation

Instantly engage and track customer journeys in any channel

Visual Analytics

Graphical tools to build better outcomes
Audience Management
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