Replacing BlueVenn? Find out why we're the best alternative.
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Replacing BlueVenn? Find out why we're the best alternative.
Hive collects and combines all of your customer details so that your messages are compliant, personal and relevant


Key features of our Customer Data Platform


Online and offline

Track your customer's online and offline interactions in one place:

  • Personalise all your message content/timing based on overall engagement
  • Interact with your customer on a channel that suits them
  • Continue online engagement through offline channels

Real-time and historic

Use all your customer's history as well as the last engagement:

  • Understand your customer's ongoing relationship with you
  • Ingest and respond in real-time where channels support it
  • Tailor promotions to individual timelines and buying habits

Identity resolution

Identify your customer across multiple sources:

  • Connect browsing behaviour to known customers
  • Use Customer IDs and other common keys to merge records
  • Automatically generate a persistent ID for each master record
  • Propagate keys back to transactional records

Unified profiles

Rule-based match, append and merge of profiles:

  • Match records based on configurable keys
  • Prefer sources where the quality is known to be better
  • Selectively update parts of a record depending on the source
  • Group fields such as address lines so that they are replaced together
  • Full audit trail of profile merges

Unlimited sources

No limit to the amount of sources that can be integrated:

  • Combine data from multiple systems
  • Support for custom data sources
  • Transactional/relational data can be represented and utilised
  • Scaleable to billions of data points


Some of the platforms we're connected with

Dynamics CRM
Sugar CRM
Zoho CRM
Google Big Query
Amazon Athena
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High-level capabilities of Hive

Customer Data Platform

A unified profile for each customer that includes all known information

Multi-Channel Engagement

Listen and respond wherever the conversation takes you

Data Intelligence

We fetch and categorise your data so you don't have to

Audience Management

Define audiences using all the data at your disposal

Customer Journey Automation

Instantly engage and track customer journeys in any channel

Visual Analytics

Graphical tools to build better outcomes
Embedded Customer Data Platform
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