Replacing BlueVenn? Find out why we're the best alternative.
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Replacing BlueVenn? Find out why we're the best alternative.
Customer Insight and
Engagement Platform
A complete technology stack for self-serve and managed-service clients to reach their full potential.

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Project, service and technology: choose what works for you

Start your data discovery journey here! The Hive Team provide the key insights you need to establish a clear roadmap and improve marketing outcomes.
Benefit from Hive’s platform, supported by our experts. We work with you to deliver effective marketing that drives results.
Maximum strategic agility, with complete access to your data in Hive’s technology. Discover insights, prove hypotheses, create segments, manage multiple journeys and much more.


High-level capabilities of Hive

Customer Data Platform

A unified profile for each customer that includes all known information

Multi-Channel Engagement

Listen and respond wherever the conversation takes you

Data Intelligence

We fetch and categorise your data so you don't have to

Audience Management

Define audiences using all the data at your disposal

Customer Journey Automation

Instantly engage and track customer journeys in any channel

Visual Analytics

Graphical tools to build better outcomes


Be wherever your customers are


Personal, perfectly timed communications orchestrated quickly


Stay connected with your customers and integrate social messaging with all marketing activity


Keep the customer journey moving between all their touch-points


The personal touch for the best response rates


Simple but effective.
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